Like many celebrities on the small and big screen, the former Miss Weather Canal Doria Tillier has always remained discreet about her romantic idylls. In 2013, the pretty young woman had however formalized her relationship with actor and director Nicolas Bedos.

“It doesn’t bother me that much that we talk about Nicolas and me. Even if I find that we assume a lot of what we are,” she explains. “I’m not afraid of being too associated with his name in the cinema. I don’t think in those terms, I don’t tell myself that I have to film with other people at all costs. there are not so many screenwriters who have as much talent as him. So I do not see why I would refuse one of his projects“, she confided in the media as reported by our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. But against all odds, the couple would have decided to separate in 2019. This was suggested by the son of Guy Bedos at the Gala.

“It’s a complicated story. Are we made to be together? (…) I think of all those years that we spent together, where I saw her born, grow up, express herself in the television, then in the cinema. It is certain that we have told a lot of things about us in our fictions. It saved our couple for a moment”, he had declared and to continue: “Doria is my spur, it is the woman whose opinion trumps all others, even if we are no longer together”.

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