The suspension for doping against Boxing champion Manuel Charr has been lifted from the world Association WBA. Thomas puetz, the President of the Federation of German professional boxers (BDB) confirmed. The Cologne-based Syrians, who continues to work on the German citizenship, you must set according to the requirements of the WBA, within 60 days of his heavyweight title in a mandatory defense against the 45-year-old Fres Oquendo from Puerto Rico. Previously, the Cologne-based “Express had reported” about it.

The title fight was broke in September of last year, because of the 34-year-old Charr had been tested in a urine sample positive for steroids Epitrenbolon and drostanolone. Prior to that, he had shown in the case of a blood control no abnormalities. Because of the irregularities of the world Association have decided to now, according to puetz. The world Cup is to take place at the end of March/beginning of April in Cologne.

to Fight against Oquendo Charr must ride, the Doping, but more hurdles to take. “If he wants to extend his license with us and received permission, he needs to throw a special Anti-Doping program. He should be accessible 24 hours at any time for training controls. He is not encountered, are considered as a positive result,“ said puetz on Tuesday, the German press Agency.