“I was disappointed that the plane is not crashed.” Even so, crushed you can return an Athlete of the Olympic Games. The Austrian cross-country skier Johannes Dürr describes in front of the television camera, that death appeared as a way out, as he was in Sochi 2014 as a Doper blown. Five years later, he is the subject of a psychological programme, the ARD broadcast on Thursday under the title “greed for Gold”. Drought reveals that he dopte to that time, Epo was shown to him, growth hormone, and that he had found access to a blood-Doping Ring – by a German athlete.

Michael Reinsch

a correspondent for sports in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

the TV leads a reporter to a highway rest stop Irschenberg South of Munich, where he blood in 2013 in one of the rooms of the Motels for the first Time for the Re-injection before a Competition. He calls from a hotel in Munich and Innsbruck, directly opposite the Headquarters of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), where he was also on the apparatus to connect, and he shows where he expressed shortly before the turn of the year 2013/14 before the Tour de Ski in a car in the Parking lot in front of the Waldhotel Berghof in Oberhof the blood in the vein to increase with an increased number of red blood cells, the oxygen supply to its muscles.

He have always had the feeling that it is not right what he was doing, says the now 31-year-old athlete. But during a training camp in Finland from a hotel room, the typical noise of the blood pump urge, this was for him the confirmation that Doping was part of the high-performance sports. Earlier he had wondered, in the “bone mill” of the Austrian training: “Can you withstand such a load without Doping?” His answer: “you Can’t.” After mass dietary supplements Asthma had been Spray medium of choice, then it had managed a supervisor, to obtain Epo.

If the drought is complaining about a hypocritical position, and that Doping will condoned, he is not allowed to relate this to the ÖSV. This has obtained a Restraining order against him that prohibits the.