Scammers are on the lookout and are constantly watching for every opportunity to rob new victims. While telephone scams such as the Vitale à la carte are particularly common, door-to-door sales are also a means often adopted by these malicious people.

Recently, a new type of scam has emerged in Saintes, Charente-Maritime. As often, this one was particularly aimed at the elderly and the scenario used is well established.

As Femme Actuelle reports, it all starts when an individual knocks on the door of an individual. He then claims to be a false municipal agent of the Community of agglomeration of Saintes claiming the replacement of yellow bags by a yellow bin.

He then demanded immediate payment and even took the opportunity to enter the victim’s home. He then takes a photograph of the passport photo and waits for a moment of inattention to steal money from the wallet. It is even possible that the scammer even takes the opportunity to scout for a potential future burglary.

All this is therefore only a vast scam denounced by the agglomeration of Saintes in a press release published on March 13. She thus indicated that she does not “do any door-to-door sales to replace yellow bags with trash cans and will never ask for immediate payment for this type of service”.

These types of scams can be difficult to spot. Fortunately, there are phrases you can say to them to avoid any risk of fraud.