(Washington) Nearly 5,000 meters of fall and a device that works: the story of this miraculous mobile phone, which fell from the cabin of the Alaska Airlines Boeing which opened in mid-flight on Friday in the United States, will annoy everyone those who broke their phone with a simple impact on their tiles.

An Internet user told X on Sunday that he found an iPhone on the side of a road near Portland, Oregon, with a screen dotted with a few drops and showing an email from the airline about luggage.

“Still in airplane mode, with the battery half full,” wrote Seanathan Bates on X, fascinated to have found a device that “survived a fall of some 5,000 meters and perfectly intact.”

In one image, we see the screen working without problem, the tip of the charging cable torn off.

” Thank you for your help ! »Wrote Monday on this same network the boss of the American transport safety agency (NTSB), Jennifer Homendy, who is investigating the incident. “I would love to meet you.”

Friday evening, the door of a Boeing 737 MAX 9 of the American company Alaska Airlines separated from the cabin in mid-flight over Portland, causing depressurization of the cabin with a suction effect which, according to passengers cited by US media, ripped off a teenager’s shirt – and, evidently, that phone that was charging.

The accident, a new malfunction for the 737 MAX 9, caused the immobilization of certain Boeing aircraft awaiting an inspection imposed by the civil aviation authorities, and a fall on Monday in the stock market price of the American aircraft manufacturer , which is facing a new blow.