New Action-Packed Doom Game Takes Players to The Dark Ages

Rumored for several weeks, the return of the popular Doom series is now official with a new episode that takes us back to hell, but not just any hell. Just four years after the highly acclaimed Doom Eternal, the extremely violent first-person shooter series is making a comeback on consoles and PC. With Doom: The Dark Ages, players will be taken on a journey through time… or rather through different eras.

Heading to the Middle Ages with Doom
On Sunday, June 9, 2024, Bethesda took advantage of the Xbox Showcase to reveal the key details of its new game, confirming the rumors that had been circulating for weeks. Players will be thrust into a rather grim hell, with a medieval twist this time around.

The toughest demons seem to have made an appointment with the Middle Ages in what promises to be a challenging and particularly bloody game, in line with its predecessors. “You play as a super weapon and a legendary demon slayer, the Doom Slayer, in a dark and sinister war against hell,” promises Bethesda.

Doom: The Dark Ages not only surprises with its unique setting, but also with its availability on both Xbox Series and Playstation 5 – not to mention PC, in 2025. Microsoft has also confirmed its release on Game Pass upon launch.