We are not born with green thumbs, far from it! If some seem to have a gift with nature, rest assured: anyone can become a gardening ace. Sometimes, the geographical location of your garden gives you a hard time: dry earth, frosts, floods, sun, shade… Many factors come into play. For this reason, it is essential to carefully analyze your soil: the earth is it light, clayey, calcareous? Thus, you will be able to provide it with the necessary fertilizers for its proper development.

If your garden seems hostile to the idea of ​​welcoming plants, rest assured: with a valiant heart, nothing is impossible! The key is to take your time and start, if you feel the need, with indestructible plants (or almost). In our slideshow below, you will find five very pretty flowers that will embalm your garden… And which need neither water nor shade. In other words, they are the ideal plants for those who are just starting out, those who have a garden that is very exposed to the sun and those who tend to forget about watering.

If you are not yet very comfortable with gardening, it is advisable to give up, at first, your favorite plants. Indeed, your favorite flowers are not necessarily very easy to maintain, or are perhaps not adapted to the climate of your region, to life in pots… Take the time to learn about how to feed, water, treat and plant the different types of flowers before you get started.