Don’t forget the words (France 2): who are the 10 biggest winners?


Don’t Forget the Lyrics is one of PAF’s flagship programs. Although the show has been on the air since December 2007, the title of maestro was introduced for the first time in January 2013. For almost 10 years, several karaoke enthusiasts have given their voices to be among the best candidates in the game hosted by Nagui on France 2.

Like Caroline who entered the top 10 legends. After her defeat against her competitor Élodie, last Monday, December 5, the former holder of the silver microphone has good memories of her career. “I’m pretty satisfied with how far I’ve come, even if I blamed myself for not having made more money… On the last shows, I haven’t gone for too many gains. But, being in the Top 10 and over 50 wins, that’s good. In any case, I try to tell myself that it’s good all the same”, admits the ex-champion to Télé-Loisirs. But, this experience allowed him to leave with a nice jackpot.

With 52 victories to her credit, the lawyer in her thirties left with 274,000 euros in earnings. A nice sum that she intends to use for a cause that is close to her heart. “I will increase the donations I make for the animal cause. I think I will adopt additional animals at home,” she smiles at our colleagues, adding. “And afterwards, we will have to please loved ones with great pleasure, and do some work thanks to this little boost of life!”. Beautiful future projects in perspective for the famous candidate.

Previously, other maestros have demonstrated their vocal talent and incredible memory in France 2’s flagship musical game. Who are the greatest voices? Which champions are on this list? Who has the biggest prize pool in the history of Don’t Forget the Lyrics? Through our slideshow, discover the 10 biggest winners of the show in terms of earnings!