How far will the unstoppable holder of the silver microphone go? Manon, the current maestro of Don’t forget the lyrics, is enjoying an incredible rise on France 2. Armed with a good memory and her musical knowledge, the young northerner shines every evening on Nagui’s show, where she has notably entered the Masters this winter.

Update on his latest exploits. On the January 23, 2023 show, novice singer Manon, ranked sixth best maestro, landed her 32nd bell. From the origin of the expression, if the maestro sings his song until the end without making a mistake during the final stage “It’s the same song”, it means that he / she wins a new success while remaining undefeated. What she did after her performance on Le Pouvoir des fleurs, the famous hit by Laurent Voulzy.

“It’s not just any bell. It’s the 32nd, as much as Queen Margaux who arrived at the sum of 530,000 euros”, recalled the host and husband of Mélanie Page during the first issue. At the end of the second part broadcast the same evening, she repeated a new feat by adding 20,000 euros to her kitty thanks to A woman with a woman, tube of the Mécano group. Which, with 375,000 euros, allows him to climb the rankings ahead of Hervé (with 361,000 euros).

On January 24, Manon again amazed the public and viewers by surpassing her own record set the day before. By perfectly interpreting Mon Amant de St-Jean, sung by Patrick Bruel, the one who works in optical fiber has won her 33rd bell. Still in the race, the champion surpassed the leading duo, Kévin and Margaux, having the longest course without being put in difficulty in the wheelchair during the last stage of the game.

While waiting to be able to join the top 5 maestros and compete with the king and queen of karaoke from France 2, Manon is now in possession of a kitty of 377,000 euros and 45 wins on the clock. Before her next visit this Wednesday, January 25, she is on track to overtake Jennifer, the fifth best player (388,000 euros). But, what is the Northerner’s secret to recording so many victories?

Questioned at the beginning of the month by Télé-Loisirs, Manon revealed her daily training before passing the castings. “You should know that I have passed the casting four times in the past five years. I really started revising five years ago. Afterwards, it’s in waves depending on the occupations, my desires”, a-t- she declared while revealing her tricks. “I have a visual memory so I printed the lyrics because by just listening, I couldn’t learn in detail. First, I worked on the structure of the text to really identify the verses , the choruses, where there could be pitfalls. I highlighted with different colors to find my way around the structure and so that it fits more easily into my memory”. Any paid efforts to stay on the show longer? Answer in the next episodes.