Dominique Leroy, get over, nevertheless in the past as the CEO of the Network. After the topvrouw its origin to the Dutch competitor KPN had already announced, there came from the vakbondshoek with a loud voice of protest against the retention of the Oil. The board of directors has decided, nevertheless, to the CEO as of december 1, to be maintained, but there is now a “mutual agreement” on the back.

Leroy also announced last Thursday that they are Proximus, in a december trade, it IT. The unions see it not sitting down to talk about the recently announced restructuring of the company is to carry out a opstappende’s CEO, and demanded her immediate departure, but the board of directors of the company was there no consultation on this. “Proximus sees KPN is not a direct competitor, not now, not in the near future. Dominique Leroy, it maintains the trust and confidence of the board of directors, and continues to sit, let the company know about it.

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Leroy seemed to be 1 in december – a certain date that was in the original version to the CEO and will continue to be, but then broke the spontaneous strike action of the staff. Therefore, it was still “in consultation” you’d be surprised at all, on the 20th of september to put an end to the cooperation with the Oil. With a view to the restoration of a peaceful climate in the company and in the best interests of the company, so notify the company.

as the Financial director of the Designer, Who follows the Oil acting on it. Over the next few weeks and will Adjust its records and transmit it to the French, who, with the support of the chairman of the board of directors Stefaan De Clerck in the future.

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