Dominique Lavanant, ex-actress of the Splendid troupe alongside Josiane Balasko or even Christian Clavier, celebrates her 79th birthday on May 24, 2023. The actress of Les Bronzés has become rarer in recent years. In 2016, she starred in her latest film, Reds were the lilacs, by director Jean-Pierre Mocky.

If the star had a great film career, her private life was not all rosy. His father died at the age of 2 following a drowning. “They had gone to several friends, each in his boat, they had been told not to go out in this weather. He is the only one who has not returned… He was an electrician”, she explained in 2016 in the ‘ Obs and to add: “My mother was only 23 years old. We were in isolation, sadness. She remarried when I was 11, with the cardiologist from Morlaix, someone absolutely great – but who committed suicide thirty years ago… I spent a year in a preventorium”.

From her 14 years to her 21 years, the young Dominique Lavanant spent her holidays in a convent in England. “It was my great-aunt who founded the order. It was a way of learning English, in principle. The nuns were great, I laughed, that’s how I I made Sister Thérè”, she explained to our colleagues. Close to this ecclesiastical universe, Dominique Lavanant would have been ready to take orders. “I loved being around the nuns … I went to the laundry to try on their clothes on the sly. I wanted to enter orders,” she said. It was without counting his meeting with a man at his 21 years. “I said to myself, ‘He’s the man of my life. Ah, he lives in Paris, I’m going to go there”. I enrolled in the language faculty, at the Sorbonne”.

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