clover pos two 594x
clover pos two 594x

A dental POS system, such as the New Clover Station, is often overlooked by small, private dental offices, but is that in your best interest? Traditional methods for payments, scheduling, booking and other crucial operations have often been performed across several systems, which creates redundancy and is time-consuming. Part of being a practice in the modern age is adapting to the times and utilizing the tools that are available to you, making tasks easier on both you and your patients. Therefore, before you write of a POS system, consider the top three benefits of implementing it.

1. Payment Flexibility

What forms of payment do you currently accept? Do you allow customers to use all major credit cards? If your current credit card processing services is limiting a full range of preferred payment types, then it is likely time to upgrade. Consumers today want convenience, and they expect it. Payment methods are expanding beyond the credit card swipe machine of yore. Today, consumers can use cards with chips, magnetic stripes and even near-field payment options. If your office is neglecting to upgrade payment systems to allow for these new conveniences, then you risk losing patients to the dentist down the street.

2. Security

As technology continues to evolve, security threats and risks are on the rise. With each new upgrade, old tech becomes more susceptible to hackers and criminal activity. It is getting to the point where a failure to upgrade software and tech is bordering on negligence, especially when you consider the personal information that is stored in patient records. New POS systems are integrated with credit card services and meet the highest security standards, which can reduce the risks of unauthorized access, ensuring patients that their data is safe and secure in the hands of your office.

3. Efficiency

How long have you been in business? Through the years, dental practices have relied on several software types for efficiency: appointment booking, patient information management, billing, etc. However, as the years have progressed, the multitude of systems have likely created inefficiencies through unnecessary redundancies. POS systems can help to eliminate many of these redundancies by allowing you to keep and track several operations in one system. In addition to reducing the amount of needed software, a POS system also will enable receptionists to access more pertinent information when making patient appointments, which can make the scheduling process easier for employees and more enjoyable for patients.

POS systems should not be overlooked by dental practices, regardless of size. These systems help to streamline patient intake and management while also ensuring secure payment and billing practices. While old methods and multiple software might be what you are used to, there is a better way. If you are on the fence or considering upgrading your dental office payment and patient management systems, then contact a merchant service expert for more information. They should be able to help you narrow down the best POS system for your practice, ensuring ease of use and implementation in the process.