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The acronym DMBK respond to the quirky name of Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, one of the blooms most exciting that has offered the garden rocker Spanish in the last few years. Awarded by critics, praised by totems such as Kiko Veneno and pogueados by the public until the ecstasy brotherly, these andalusian kinkidélicos going direct to nirvana until the coronavirus has stood in his way. Fortunately, have managed to adapt to the circumstances not to stop the engine.

—How are you going to be the concert in Barcelona tonight?

—The City always has treated us very well and we have a very close relationship with her, there are a lot of traces of the andalusian culture in the whole of Catalonia, and luckily also a great love for what we do. So, we have prepared a night where the goal is, as it says in the lyrics of one of our songs, “that the universe is split in two…”.

—How have you gone to their concerts until now?

—a feeling that Is bittersweet. Sweet to return to play, which basically is the oxygen which makes us breathe, that makes us be alive. But sour due to the distance, longing for the contact… Maybe for other projects is not so important, but we have created a very special bond with our audience, a sort of pagan mass where everyone goes into a trance, where people dance, jump, poguea… That is part sour, not to have our people packed, jumping and shouting as usual.

—What would have seemed to the images of the concert Stool at Starlite?

—The images you mention, and many others that don’t come to story to quote here, come to corroborate that the much-hackneyed phrase, “all spaniards are equal before the law” is false. It is assumed that we have reached an agreement between individuals to live organized in a specific way, and to take care of that agreement, we have created a few laws. Therefore, there is no more remedy than to apply sanctions or punishments to those who violate these laws.

—The coronavirus has slowed his route, which was clearly upwards: how we have digested?

—Well, we follow with the razor blade resién afiláh in the mouth and with the bike tóh fist. That is to say, it is true that this whole issue has stopped us, not only to us but to all the world, in the dry. But we are still at the top, very excited about the second album that we are preparing, and to present the new songs live, even with these new security measures.

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