The French foreign Ministry has summoned the Italian Ambassador. The reason: Statements of the Italian Deputy heads of government, Luigi Di Maio about an alleged deepening of the refugee crisis by France.

The French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, the Italian Ambassador in France, Teresa Castaldo, to come on Monday due to “unacceptable and unfounded Statements” of the Italian government, told the AFP news Agency.

Di Maio had accused France on Sunday, to the impoverishment of Africa and, thereby, to escape from the continent. The right-wing populist Italian government has for some time already with the government of the French head of state Macron in the Clinch.

Italian government supported the “yellow West”

Earlier, the two Deputy heads of government, Ministers of economy, Di Maio of the populist Five-star movement and Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini from the xenophobic Lega Nord party, in the beginning of January, the “yellow West”movement in France, called had “steadfast” to stay. President Macron rule “against his people”, they said. The French government had reacted to these Statements piqued and “respect” of the EU-partner country required.