In America, a part of the threatened partial government shutdown. The house of representatives voted on Thursday (local time) with 217 to 185 votes for a bill that funded the government until the beginning of February and $ 5.7 billion for the construction of the wall on the border to Mexico. The day before, the Senate had adopted a bridge funding until February without this $ 5.7 billion. The two chambers on a bill, with the President Trump is agreed, would be a part of the government from Friday midnight to lame. In America there is talk of a “Shutdown”. Some of the Offices and authorities would have to close, their employees in forced leave.

Spared the ministries of defence, education, health and work remained, because these departments had already received in September, a longer-term Budget. Also, the police, the intelligence services and the border guard do not close in the event of a “shutdown”.

Conservative criticize Trump

Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, the leading politicians of the democratic party in the house of representatives and in the Senate, have made it clear that they will not agree to a budget with wall financing. President Trump posted in the short news service Twitter a Video in which he accuses the Democrats of playing a political game: “We need this wall. The Democrats know this. And everyone knows that.“ A solution to the conflict is therefore not in sight.

Earlier, there had been reports that Trump would agree to a law that the wall be financed only partially, or not at all. His spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders had said in an Interview with Fox News that the government had other ways to raise 5 billion dollars, to Finance the wall. This was interpreted as a sign that President Trump would be a bridge financing until February, with no funds for the border wall sign. This has not proved to be true. Instead, they announced that Trump would not drive in the event of a “shutdown” over Christmas to Florida, and instead, in the capital city of Washington would be.

it seemed so, as President Trump would agree to a law, without the wall, the financing, he fell into the sight of conservative news stations and commentators. The right-wing conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter, on Twitter more than 2 million Followers, published on Wednesday a Kolume with the title of “faint-hearted President in a wall-less country”.

Should not be added to the wall of funding in the law, it will be hard for President Trump difficult to obtain funding. From the beginning of January, the Democrats take over the house of representatives in the majority. In the budget negotiations in February, the trump Position would be significantly weaker.