A teenager is accused of attempted manslaughter in Frankfurt before the court. According to the indictment, he is said to have a 26-year-old man during a nighttime meeting with a knife stabbed in the back. The trigger for the dispute over the Affection of a woman according to the investigation. Since Friday is brought before the regional court of Frankfurt against the growing.

In the case of the knife attack in July last year in Frankfurt’s Gallus, the defendant should have taken the death of the victim, at least in buying, the Prosecutor’s office. The victim was the former live-in partner of the woman who was in a relationship at the time of the murder point to the attacker.

a defendant denies intent to kill

On the first day of the best of the German rode in front of the juvenile chamber of any killing intentions: The opponent was armed with a much larger knife and have made the appropriate threats. He was just waving his knife, to keep him at a distance. On the run, he saw that his knife the blood had traces, said of the defendant.

In the course of the trial there were repeated riots in the courtroom: relatives of the accused insulted the injured, the hall was as a co-plaintiff in the court present. The presiding judge had the trial, therefore, interrupt. So far, the court has scheduled a further five dates until the beginning of February.