Dishes: the trick to cleaning them with rice


As effective in dirtying the dishes as in cleaning them, rice is a surprising food. It is present in many dishes, but its grains can be particularly effective in many household tasks.

Thus, it is better to always have a bag of rice in your kitchen because it could turn out to be more useful than you might think. If some of your pots or pans are marred by burn marks or caked-on food that you can’t get rid of, rice may be your saviour.

To eradicate them permanently, you have to grab a sponge soaked in water and white vinegar or dishwashing liquid. Add a few grains of rice and rub vigorously on the stain until the burnt, or food, comes off the pan, reports Femme Actuelle. Then just rinse it thoroughly with water to remove all residue.

Rice can also have other uses for cleaning dishes. Indeed, certain containers such as carafes, teapots or gourds can sometimes be tainted by food residues or traces of limestone.

However, if sponges are essential to fight against dirt, they have their limits, and it is sometimes difficult to reach the bottom of the container with them. To overcome these stains, you must first fill the container with hot water and vinegar, before pouring a handful of rice and then shaking lightly. After that, you will find that the traces of limestone or other stains will have definitely disappeared.