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finally, The federal public prosecutor’s office, the robotfoto been released of a man they want to speak to in their investigation into the sabotage of the nuclear power plant of doel, in the summer of 2014. Someone turned on the 5th of August, in the control room from the Target 4 to the handle, leaving about 65,000 gallons of oil from a steam turbine wegstroomde. The nuclear reactor went into emergency shutdown, and the plant was in 4.5 months.

If the nuclear power plant on, after five years of research, is still not clear. The damage to a total of 138 million euros have been estimated. The federal public prosecutor’s office that the investigation is in progress, how ever, a clearly defined list of suspects: most of the 56 employees in the morning, the plant had been. All of them will be brought to account.

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One employee said that he was in the morning, yet another person in the vicinity of the engine room and observed. Someone he never saw before, and the fact that he didn’t know. On the basis of his interpretation of a robotfoto prepared. The federal public prosecutor’s office wants to make this guy want to talk to you about what happened the day it happened.

for More on Nuclear power, Tihange 2 and longer and longer still, until the middle of november and Tihange 2 are shut down at the Pieter De Crem (CD&V) is angry that a nuclear incident occurred in the Mole-to-let, it was reported, “is Unacceptable” to Maintain nuclear energy in the Flemish table