Indonesia has experienced so many calamities and natural disasters that it brought, the energetic spokesman of the civil protection, it is already a celebrity. Whether it is a fire, an earthquake, or as it is now a volcanic eruption with Tsunami: In General, it are his Tweets, messages, and Whatsapp messages that keep the country with 250 million people to date. In this way, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho informed the Indonesians quickly, reliably and at any time of day or night. And always on the Basis of solid data, how he assured. At most, he uses a poetic language, at times humorous allusions, in order to get attention.

often this information can save lives, and you help against the spread of false news. Some of them he is revealed in person. If, for instance, in social networks pictures of a volcano circulate outbreak, which come from a different area of the world, or if Videos are supposed to show the passenger compartment of an aircraft before a crash. The authorities speaker knows that transparency is the best remedy against panic and misinformation. “If journalists are left in the dark, then that leads to Chaos in the information to be able to pay about different victims,” he said in an Interview.

For his tireless work, his directness, and his Humor Indonesia had closed him in the heart. The admiration was even greater than at the beginning of the year, it was announced that the 49-year-old Indonesian suffers from lung cancer. However, the speaker sent out from the sick-bed of his messages. His condition has worsened since then, more than 20 pounds, he should have declined. However, he also clarifies about the recent numbers of victims following the Tsunami disaster on Java and Sumatra. In the case of this accident, however, there was also a rare blunder. To report, instead of a Tsunami, he had spoken only of a spring tide. The wrong information had been forwarded from another authority.

he had rejected the role as spokesman for the disaster authority BNPB originally several times, because he had no Background in the communication business. Nugroho comes from a poor family in Central Java. But he worked his way up. As the Best of his year, he had completed a geography degree before he nachschob his doctorate in hydrology. After that, he began his activities in the civil protection, where he took in 2010, to his current Position.