Disappearance of Justine: charred bag, traces of blood … The disturbing details of the case


This is a tragic outcome towards which this case seems to be heading. In police custody since Tuesday, October 25, the main suspect in the case of the disappearance of Justine Vayrac would have recognized, according to information from La Montagne, the rape and murder of the young mother of 20 years.

Disappeared on the night of Saturday October 22 to Sunday October 23 in the town of Brive-la-Gaillarde, in Corrèze, Justine Vayrac is at the center of all attention in the region.

It all started around 4 a.m. near the “La Charrette” nightclub where she had spent the evening.

Several witnesses thus confide that the young girl would have been “seen for the last time in the company of a young man” when she “was out to get some air”, explains the public prosecutor of Brive-La- Gaillarde, as Le Parisien reports. His vehicle was later found near the nightclub, “open and containing personal effects”.

At the center of the investigation, Lucas L., the main suspect who confessed, more recently, to the rape and murder of Justine Vayrac. He would be “a friendly acquaintance met a few times in the nightclub”. He was taken into custody on Tuesday, October 25, after trying to flee.

He assured until the night of October 26 to 27 that he simply accompanied the young woman that evening, and even had an alibi for the rest of the night because he had accompanied another woman home. But his testimony did not extinguish the suspicions of the investigators.

The young woman cited as an alibi by the main suspect in the case has however confirmed his statements. However, she told investigators that she heard a phone, which was not Lucas L.’s, ring in the evening. He would therefore have assured that it was his work phone, but the police discovered that he did not have such a device.

The woman also described a withdrawn and mute man that night, which is not consistent with his usual behavior. Later, police operations brought to light other clues.

Even before his confession, the noose was already tightening around the suspect. “Technical and scientific police operations have made it possible to highlight the presence of traces of blood in the home of the person concerned, but also in his vehicle”, thus indicated Emilie Abrantes, the public prosecutor of Brive.

But this is not the only detail that seemed to incriminate Lucas L. since she also indicated that “Justice Vayrac’s handbag was discovered charred near the home of the detainee outside the latter” .

The suspect must be presented to an investigating judge during the day.