Dirtiest house will be done, But man, we have always checked out after one night



the Three of them have a very morning and afternoon a long time of a container from an 8-ton stuffed with garbage bags full of filthy rubbish, which is the lone occupant of a town house in Sint-Amandsberg for many years in the house has piled up. “There will definitely be two, maybe even four days are needed to get the house clean and to do it”, says the government of Ghent’s mayor, Mathias De Clercq Open VLD). “Subsequently, the man again into his house. We have had him for advisory services will be offered and he has accepted.”

The Heiveldstraat it was this morning awakened by the noise of a pot that has been placed. At about 9 o’clock with a professional firm along with a the house is empty, that is, the past few days, the poor reputation was the “dirtiest house money” At that time, it attracted only one resident, a man in his fifties,with the front of the property behind her back, and beende away to live with relatives, where he spent the next few days it will be taken care of.

Dozens of garbage bags, which the men had collected, and were buitengesleept Photo: fsr

finally, The general manager of the opruimfirma it was, of course, helped by two Bulgarian forces, with the whole of the morning, in the mess, in a big container and dump. Beyond the garage is a part of the ground floor level they were at in the afternoon, has not yet been touched. They gather the dirt in the large bags, but it had to be, with dozens of garbage bags buitenslepen that the man had been filled to capacity. “I don’t think that in the twenty years that he was here, he was once the bags have buitengezet,” says the neighbor across the street, Van Graton.

A very poignant image of the buckets in the garage and the guy filled it up with excrement because toilet didn’t work any more.

Maggots and rats.

“However, it was for the resident to be the brands”, many of his neighbours. “ He’s always taken care of and is clean-shaven. He has also found a job in a large company, where he led the nachtshift to do.” The neighbours suspect that he is over the years more and more entrenched in one or two rooms, and the rest are left to grow up in a landfill.

“in Five years, all the neighbors are working on a solution,” says Monique Graton Photo: fsr

According to the neighbors, try it for more than 5 years of the issue. “First of all, we have our neighbour, who is a 20-year history of this house, has bought himself pointed out that he was garbage, had to clean up,” said Russell. “I don’t want to be helped,” was his short reply.

Alone, with the demolition of the garage, there was an entire morning and afternoon working on it. Photos: fsr

this Past summer, getting worse as the situation is, and was, for the first time, from the street, obviously to see what all the mess is on the first floor and three feet tall at the windshield is assembled. As for the smell in the summer heat, not one thing, it was dirt-under-the door to the outside seeped in, and maggots, and rats could be seen, were the employees of a company, which is in the eaves of the neighbours came up to refresh a movie from the dirty lot, and they put it on social media.

“That will put finally everything in the course,” says Monique. “I had the police called to the service center but nothing happened. Just like we have for the past five years, nothing has been done. As long as it is a direct neighbor already in progress.”


“It is true that in the past, a message came in,” says Thomas Dierckens, spokesman for the mayor. “Well, it was actually a burenconflict around a tree and the drain is increased.”

“the end of the summer, we have the inspectors been sent, but that were always in front of a closed door. In the end, the mayor of the week is a betredingsbevel was issued, and that is a very exceptional measure, it is in the city of Ghent. As a opgevorderde locksmith was at the door to try to force it, let the man for the first time in. We have had him for a week, its time to make a opruimingsfirma free to contact us. He didn’t, so we made the house uninhabitable, declared today itself, action will be taken.”

as Long as there is removed, it should be the husband of the house not to enter it, unless he can be of help. The resident will also have to pay for the costs of cleaning and muizenverdelging. “After that, he may once again have a home. We will, however, also a social escort. “

The resident has no spouse or children.

the Gent happens to be about eight times a year, inspectors of the health and hygiene in a home so poor that clean-up is required. Usually it is the resident there on that one.

Photos: fsr