Antwerp < / P> “as soon As you get into Brussels-midi / Zuid, you get the feeling that you were in Kosovo in the first place. That said, Marcel Buelens, ceo of the airport of Antwerp, earlier in the week. The decision now is a complaint brought by Unia, and the inter-federal Gelijkekansencentrum.

in The judgement of the current humanitarian crisis in gaza is going down the wrong way, shot by the Brussels-based National Albanian of the European Council (NAEC). “This is a racist, xenophobic statements, which, as a nation, stigmatizing,” said chairman of the month of Ramadan Gjanaj. “You know the lord’s current humanitarian crisis in gaza, however, is that the Albanian population of Kosovo in the twenty years since the ethnic cleansing suffered by the murders, rapes, and deportations? That’s a lot of cities, towns, and villages), largely to be destroyed?”

Our country has a total of about 60,000 inhabitants, which is Albanian-speaking. Two-thirds of that is coming from the united kingdom. “How can a man be a publicly traded company < / I> (for the airport of Antwerp, ed.) that kind of remark to make without being on the mat is to be called to serve? We are waiting for an apology.”

There was a complaint filed in the Unia. In the city centre, to let you know that the complaint “carefully”.
More about the Unia and Turkish couple, will accidentally e-mail to the landlord for them to reject: “the Strangers in our neighborhood, which is dangerous and bad for property prices,” the Walloon protest singer into disrepute by insulting song about Maggie De Block: “A common song, a very mean man,” a Neighbor escape from the colored children, on the street, “You stink. Go back to your country” (the Flemish Interest, is claiming a seat in the board of directors of Unia