The States are hoping for a swift agreement in the dispute to the digital Pact for schools. “It is abundantly clear that we need to invest more in education. And since it is also good if the Federal government supports us. Therefore, we need in the new year rapidly a compromise on the digital Pact school,“ said Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD), the German press Agency. Bremen’s head of government Carsten Sieling said: “We need a digital Pact, especially the students, parents and teachers”.

at the same time, the countries defending their Veto of the amendment to the basic law, by the the for the 1. January planned digital Pact, with its billion-the promotion is delayed by the Federal government. The background of the countries strongly rejected clause that prescribes the basic law, in the case of joint Federal-state projects, a 50/50 financing. “One has the impression that it was a pretty cold attack from some members of the budget Committee in the Bundestag,” said Sieling. Through this passage had been attempted, to tie the countries on the basic law and to deprive them of room for manoeuvre.


the Pro rata financing of the Federal government and the länder was acquisition quite a daily practice, and also equal to half the cost. There are also topics for which the country paid 70 percent and the Federal government needs to contribute 30 per cent, or as in the digital Pact “objectively good reason” to the collar 90 and the countries of 10 per cent. “This flexibility needs to remain. Therefore, the Position of the countries is quite clear: The 50/50-scheme way,“ said Sieling. “The one percent scheme, it is not in the whole of the basic law. This is a Constitution, and no execution of the law.“