For gamers getting lost among all the subscriptions on the market, the Indivisible Game site has done a stellar comparison job, breaking down deals ranging from Arcade at $4.99 to Ubisoft at $19.99. The big winner: Nintendo Switch Online, which notably combines the lowest monthly price at $4.99, discounts on big games and storage space. Fans of AAA games, however, are better served by Ubisoft and PlayStation Plus.

In what unexpected part of the web have researchers found a staggering rate of extremist speech?

In online game chat rooms. According to a report by the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights published last week, 51% of participants said they had dealt with racist, misogynistic and more generally hateful speakers, sometimes grouped within supremacist or neo-Nazi groups.

An iPhone that learns to speak with your own voice in less than 15 minutes? An ultra-simplified interface that reduces your phone to a few big buttons? No doubt, the new tools from Apple for people with functional limitations will arouse the curiosity of many other users. The small group of journalists who were able to attend the presentation this week were also able to see Siri describe the buttons of a microwave via the camera. These new features will be available by “the end of 2023”, it says.

The question has divided consumers for years: are Samsung’s less expensive QLED TVs really as good as the OLED TVs whose market is dominated by LG? Everything seems to indicate that the war is over, at least at the high end: it ended in favor of LG, which will supply more than 10 million OLED panels to its South Korean rival. Samsung had left this market in 2015 and tried to promote its own technology, generally considered less efficient by experts.

Many developers take advantage of some confusion to offer on the App Store and Google Play Store many versions of ChatGPT that have nothing to do with its creator, OpenAI. The party is over, the company announced: its own official app, OpenAI ChatGPT, is now available since May 18, first for iOS in the US, then for all others in the coming weeks. In the meantime, in Canada, you can fall back on Microsoft’s official new Bing app, which uses essentially the same technology as ChatGPT.