The digitization of public services is accelerating. Soon, all the administrative procedures will be able to be carried out directly from your home, on the Internet. To achieve this objective more quickly, an application will soon be made available to the French to digitize official documents.

“In our resolutely digital age, citizens are indeed increasingly using the Internet to carry out the tasks of their daily lives, whether it is enrolling their children in school, buying goods and services, or to access increasingly dematerialized public services. They therefore need a simple and secure way to prove their identity online, just as, in physical space, they can use their physical identity document (national identity card, passport) in order to prove their identity in situations where this proves necessary”, can be read in the information report of the “Mission of information on the digital identity” of the National Assembly.

Called France Identity, this new service aims to respond to several issues:

Tuesday, May 16, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin announced that the driving license can also be imported into this application. Here are 7 questions about the dematerialization of the driving license.