If three looking for conflicting parties to a compromise, then it is in the nature of the thing, that in the end the result is not all completely satisfied. The Darmstadt mayor Jochen Partsch has used the word “partial success” on Friday, probably, therefore rarely, as he is farming in his town commented on the out-of-court agreement on air quality, although success is one of his favorite words.

Indeed, the South Hessian city has its Position in the negotiations between the Land Hessen and the German environmental aid and the traffic club of Germany, on the other hand, can’t enforce. Unlike Darmstadt, wanted it to be banned in the next year diesel driving on the two most with oxides of nitrogen loaded streets.

for the First time, an out-of-court settlement

This is after the rise of the environmental aid before the courts is not surprising. Sit up and take notice is, rather, that for the first time after a lawsuit on air pollution, an out-of-court settlement was possible. The had sought in the proceedings before the administrative court of Wiesbaden in November, none of the parties. First, the proposal of the presiding judge opened a way to the unexpected, something will be negotiated, with the country, the city and the environment can help life.

the Ministry of The environment emerges from a negotiation, not again a loser. The environmental help can claim to have the driving ban for the hills and the Henry street your minimum goal. The city is, in turn, has the worst of scenarios, a one-way road system for Henry street, or a zonal driving ban prevented that would have led to the view of the urban transport experts to total loss of control.