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Has died the well-known bullfighting Joaquín Ramos after failing to overcome a surgical intervention. The fondness and closeness of the world of the bull in his City Rodrigo natal led to Ramos at the beginning of the eighties of the past century, the environment of the José Miguel Arroyo “Joselito”. First as a young man of swords and then, as a man of trust together with the proxy, Enrique Martín Arranz.

The trust between them has been such that that group is no longer broke never. So much so that when Arranz took charge of the race of Joseph Thomas is already in the nineties, the figure of Joaquin Ramos was indispensable in his role of supervisor in the field.

Brother of the matador de toros in salamanca José Luis Ramos, also participated in the seizure of bullfighters as Cesar Jimenez or the rejoneador Sergio Galan, and he even made his first steps as an entrepreneur. In the last times was the representative of José Tomas, and the past month of January, when or Alejandro Talavante announced their comeback, joined Joselito to empower the extremadura.