A quarrel between die-hard smoker, and a restaurant owner that escalated, causing a lot of controversy in Salt Lake City, Utah, usa. Firebreather Jon and the Bird refused to be over the weekend in order to have a cigarette to extinguish when it is near a restaurant that was about. The restaurant owner worked him in the long run with a fire extinguisher. The Bird put the pictures on Facebook and wants to be the ‘attacker’ to sue. But in the social media for the course of action will be divided.

In Utah should be smoking at least a seven-and-a-half feet away from the entrance of the company, if they have one, want to learn, as is required by the law. According to the restaurant owner and businessman, Alex, Jamison alone A Bird that is the law in the ‘trading area’ to smoke. During the discussion, took up smoking firebreather to be challenging and a drag, but it gave him a ray of fire into his face.

“watch out for this guy,” he writes as the Bird is now on Facebook. “I want to have his contact information. He has made me to be attacked, but ran away before the police arrived. I never thought that something like this would happen.” If the Bird, however, thought that he was completely right, it would get on social media, they are entitled to it. In addition to comprehensive responses, mainly by smokers who are in danger of a boycott, or violence, will he have the wind from the front.

“You broke the law and invaded everyone’s problem with that cigarette,” responded another. “After all, they have the right to come to the us to be the people with your addiction, which is the cause of cancer?” Another smoker jumped in front of the restaurant owner comes to the rescue and suggested that the conflict could be avoided by following a few miles on them. “In conclusion, he said that he had to do it…”, says another.

in the Meantime, it complains the Bird that he was short of breath and is a regular headache since the attack. He told a local television station that he was in a spot that was as a volunteer. In addition, he had permission to be there from smoking. The police force of Salt Lake City, is investigating the case.

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