Did an MLB Interview Lead to Player’s Missed Catch?

During a recent Major League Baseball game broadcasted on Apple TV Plus, Los Angeles Dodgers player Enrique “Kiké” Hernández missed a catch after a grounder bounced off his hand and into his crotch. This allowed New York Yankees batter Gleyber Torres to reach first base. While errors like this are not uncommon in baseball, what made this incident unique was that Hernández was in the middle of an in-game interview when it happened.

The game announcer, Dontrelle Willis, had just asked Hernández about his team’s camaraderie while he was wearing a two-way mic. As Torres hit the ball towards third base, Hernández tried to catch it but misjudged the bounce. When questioned after the game if the interview played a role in the error, Hernández admitted that it might have had a slight impact, but ultimately, he believed he made a mistake in judging the ball’s trajectory.

Despite the potential distraction, Hernández expressed no desire to decline future in-game interviews, citing financial incentives. According to the Major League Baseball Players Association’s collective agreement, players receive $10,000 per regular-season game and $15,000 for postseason games from a joint fund between MLB and the association.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who previously discouraged his players from participating in in-game interviews, was unaware that Hernández was being interviewed during the game. While some have raised concerns that these interviews could lead to errors on the field, in this instance, it did not impact the game’s outcome as the Dodgers emerged victorious in the 11th inning.

Despite the potential drawbacks, in-game interviews can also provide entertainment value to viewers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

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