Dick Van Dyke to Make Soap Opera Debut at 97 on Days Of Our Lives

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke is set to make his soap opera debut on the popular series Days Of Our Lives at the age of 97. The news of his guest appearance has created a buzz among fans of the long-running show.

Van Dyke shared with Access Hollywood that the opportunity came about after he jokingly asked Days Of Our Lives star Drake Hogestyn for a role for older actors. To his surprise, Hogestyn took him seriously and arranged for Van Dyke to join the cast for an upcoming episode.

In the episode scheduled to air in autumn, Van Dyke will portray a character with amnesia, sharing scenes with Hogestyn and Deidre Hall. During his preparation for the role, Van Dyke received advice from fellow actress Carol Burnett, who emphasized the importance of knowing all the lines as soap operas typically do not allow for retakes.

Having watched an episode of Days Of Our Lives for research purposes, Van Dyke expressed admiration for the long-standing cast members and their ability to deliver lines seamlessly. In addition to his upcoming soap opera appearance, Van Dyke recently made headlines for his surprise unmasking on The Masked Singer.

The actor attributes his youthful energy to his 51-year-old wife, Arlene Silver, who he humorously credits with taking care of him. Van Dyke also highlighted the role of maintaining a positive attitude and regular workouts at the gym in his overall well-being. Fans eagerly anticipate Van Dyke’s debut on Days Of Our Lives and look forward to seeing the beloved actor in a new light.