Upcoming Psychological Thriller ‘Little Disasters’ to Star Diane Kruger and Jo Joyner on Paramount+

Diana Kruger and Jo Joyner are set to star in a new psychological thriller called “Little Disasters” on Paramount+ in the U.K. and Ireland.

The series, based on the novel by Sarah Vaughan, will delve into the complexities of female friendships and motherhood, following four women who share the same due dates but little else in common.

Kruger will portray Jess, while Joyner will take on the role of doctor Liz. The ensemble cast also includes Shelley Conn as corporate lawyer Charlotte and Emily Taaffe as free-spirited Mel.

The storyline revolves around a pivotal moment when Jess brings her baby to the hospital with a mysterious head injury, forcing Liz to make a difficult decision that could potentially shatter their friendship and families.

In addition to Kruger and Joyner, the cast features JJ Feild as Ed, Ben Bailey Smith as Nick, and Stephen Campbell Moore as Rob.

Director Eva Sigurdardottir is leading the production, which has already commenced filming. The series is being produced by Roughcut Television in collaboration with Fremantle.

“Little Disasters” promises to offer a compelling narrative that delves into the challenges of motherhood and societal expectations. The show is set to premiere on Paramount+ in the U.K. and Ireland, with international distribution handled by Fremantle.