He is a figure well known to fans of the France 2 show Affaire concluded. Joyful and bubbly, Diane Chatelet is one of the buyers of the program. Flea marketer from Lyon, she joined the daily France 2 in 2018 alongside Ingrid Rinaudo or Anne-Catherine Verwaerde.

If she lights up the program every day with her smile, she recently confided behind the scenes with Purepeople. “There are hazings for newcomers. FX (François Xavier Renou, editor’s note) is super teasing with Caroline (Margeridon, editor’s note) in particular. We all share the same dressing room and we can hide a shirt for example, it’s still good-natured” , she explained in particular.

But besides the good-natured spirit, business can sometimes take over. The brocanteuse thus explained that, even if they can be friends in life, on the set, it is not so and the spirit of competition can quickly take over. “What we often say is that in life, we can be friends but on the set, we forget our friendship”, she summarizes.

“Business is business and we’re not going to give each other gifts because we get along well. It’s painful in these cases, you have to completely ignore the ties you have with your competitor. [ …] It’s a bit painful, it’s not easy to do that but we have to because these things we will not see them again. We are not tender,” she told our colleagues.

Discover Diane Chatelet in photos in our slideshow below.