Dexia wants to be rid of the stock


The restbank, Dexia wishes to be admitted to listing on the Brussels stock exchange delisting. The shareholders need to be on the 16th of October, about the proposal to comment.

the President: Wouter Devriendt had been said to be the greater of his stock off the wild, as they are the company a lot of money.

There are close to 1.95 million euros of Dexia’s shares will be traded on the stock exchange in Brussels, belgium. They account for less than 0.5 per cent of the share capital of the restbank. All of the other shares in the Belgian and the French state.

The issuance of shares of the exchange notes are not even worth anything. They’re posted Monday night are still on a 3,34€. They are also offering “no prospect of the grant date of a stock dividend or a vereffeningsbonus,” said Dexia.

The publicly-traded shares, which are the so-called bearer shares. That is, if the general meeting is the proposal of “delisting” approved to be converted into registered shares. All shareholders will then be required to register (fee is a fixed cost to each shareholder in the provider, the Securities). They can also be left in principle to their shares are trading, ” says Dexia: a private or “expertenmarkt” of beursuitbater the Euronext stock exchange.

The plans are the costs of Dexia’s nothing, says the press service. The restbank saves on the cost of the stock is eliminated, and there is also an administrative simplification. The calls for shareholders ‘ meetings, for example, will not be publicly published, must be in place.

in addition, Dexia is what is left of the former Dexia group in 2011, was certain that there was. The former Bank labouchere / Dexia Bank of Belgium, where the group will be lifted and re-named to Work. The restbank Dexia has since been working on self-build. They did on Tuesday announced that its balance sheet during the first half of the year, with a 15 per cent was completed up to 134,6 billion. This was going to be at the expense of a loss of 546 million euros.

for More on Dexia’s Alternative scheme, Employees are never in Europe have been reported, due to the fall of the government in the Dexia finalises sale of German bank off Something in order to pay the Dexia-ceo the European Commission will apply to new Employees-procedure