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In an apartment, in the Hofstraat in an Hour, with As, has a Wednesday morning, an intense but short fire, raged. In the apartment, and it was no more than eight persons of Bulgarian origin are present. The two of them were rookintoxicatie removed and the other two were burn up. In the meantime, the two residents to the hospital, had already left. The four others were taken to the police department is being transmitted. One of them has already been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the fire. It should be, with the assistance of an interpreter, another interview will take place.

In the same neighbourhood, about 150 yards from the affected apartment, were two of the vehicles set on fire. A car is burned out completely. The torching of the vehicle, it is possible to be linked to a fire in the apartment.

the Mayor Fons Verwimp (SP.A Spindle went to the site and have a look. “The other tenants in the building, as the apartment must be vacated,” says Verwimp. “It’s taken the apartment has been rendered uninhabitable. The other people are not able to have their home back.”

The call for the fire went around 5.30 pm, the fire department of the hulpverleningszone the South-West of the province of Limburg. The emergency services were at the arrival of two people from the affected apartment and rescue him. For one it was the ladder truck is needed.

The fire department had the fire quickly under control. The police in Beringen-Ham-Tessenderlo) made the appropriate findings. In the meantime, it is the public prosecutor’s office of the province of Limburg, a research project was started.