President Donald Trump would feel at the Detroit Motorshow this year, for sure – America first. Because rarely are the three manufacturers of the country had for their home race on Lake Michigan so much attention – and these have used it to the full: for local is extremely important premieres such as the new Midsize Pick-ups of Chervolet and GMC from the GM to the warehouse and a new Ram from FCA, for the new edition of the Ford Explorer, one of the most successful SUVs in the United States, and this time, also sold to Europe, for the export-ready Cadillac XT 6 as a response to Mercedes GLE and BMW X5, or for the 700-HP Shelby GT 500, Ford Mustang car completely to the dream of forever, yesterday’s Heavy Metal is group.

However, the attention is not solely because of the last minute panic-fuelled show to the delight of American manufacturers, but mainly due to the weakness of the market and the estate attraction of the fair. Especially the German manufacturers have Detroit swept nearly closed the back, and the more than 100 years old, the leading trade fair for the start of the car year on a dangerous descent course. Just as it was at the Paris Salon, and it will perhaps soon be at the IAA in Frankfurt, are therefore, in the Cobo Hall is one of the courses this year, noticeably wider.

The walls are generously hung with black cloth. The areas that have been earlier from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz proves, are now full with used sports cars and tuned Muscle Cars that are presented without fair construction and without the headlight on a colorful Flokati less than parked. And because even so, the vacancy can not be concealed, there are now in the middle of the hall an artificial off-road course, and huge forage areas with burgers or Donuts.


While the German luxury brands, leaving early on the sinking ship, holds VW to the Americans the Loyalty and flatters with two good news with you: in theory, with an investment commitment of over 800 million dollars, for the American plant in Chattanooga will be expanded for the construction of electric vehicles from the ID family, and in practice, with a new Passat that was developed specifically for North America.

The visually upgraded is not level the rear, only a commitment to the faceless middle class, but also a Signal for the Segment itself. Because while Ford and General Motors, and remove one sedan from the Portfolio, don’t want VW to put in the future everything on the SUV map. Even if the lower Saxony want to expand their range of all-Wheel drive and about the cooperation with Ford now even into the American Pick-up business, specifically to Detroit-traveled group chief Herbert Diess to the Passat just like the Jetta.