The Syrian air defense has shot down according to the state news Agency, Sana, on Tuesday evening “enemy targets” in the West of the capital, Damascus. In Damascus, heavy explosions had been heard outside the city, said a resident of the German press Agency. The detonations have there been, apparently, in the area of the military airport of mezzeh, in the West, and in an area North-West of the capital. The exact target of the attacks and possible casualties or damage there was initially no official information from the Syrian authorities.

as a well-informed and reliable force, the Syrian Observatory for human rights in London reported that the attacks were directed against a weapons storage site in the Iranian revolutionary guards and their Lebanese allies of the militia of the Shiite Hezbollah.

In the Lebanese border area, reported Syria’s people, they heard the roar of Jets and the presumption raised that Israeli planes had used the Lebanese air space for attacks in neighboring Syria.

An Israeli army spokeswoman in Tel Aviv said: “We Express ourselves to foreign Reports.” She stressed, however, that Israeli air defenses had been activated against a Syria-fired air defense missile. There were no casualties or damage. Previously, residents of the Israeli coastal town of Hadera, between Haifa and Tel Aviv, had reported of loud explosions.