You can celebrate this new year in the hundred years of the Bauhaus, but also a good half-a-century Design by Philippe Starck, without Exaggeration, say that this is the perfect opposite of the other. Where the Bauhaus to the improvement of man and his everyday life. pure, clear, clinically-substantive objects, it is in the things of the 1949 Paris-born Designer is released on the world, exactly the opposite: The Form does not follow function, but the question of how to melting objects, and can be transformed, that you recognize just what you might be able to serve; above all, they need to look at the Philippe Starck different, than comparable items normally, and some with good reason look.

Niklas Maak

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

Starck’s produced sculptures that are sold as use objects in large numbers. His most famous work, “Juicy Salif”, is sold as a Lemon squeezer. Anyone who tries to actually have a lemon squeeze, you’ll quickly find that such objects are not meant to be user-friendly results. The kernels will land in the glass, the juice itself is running somewhere else, the thing itself is reminiscent formally to a mixture of a hüftkranken rocket to the moon, and a spider, and on both is the juice of a lemon could not be worse. But it’s not about that.

It does not occur to the honoree to close, when it is said that many of his works are the revenge for decades of excessive objectivity. While there are a number of Starck’s objects, the screws are silvery and somewhat delicate, the modern Mantra of Less is More and an “ethics of omission”, as he calls them. But for this frosted elegance Starck is not famous – but for his fair ideas. Nowhere is the Transition from the strict requirements of the Modern “Good Form” at Designo Design, the “poetic” and the incident wants to act rich, to see as clearly as in the work of Starck. Before his design ambition is nothing theoretically sure every thing will then be chased for so long by the blast furnaces of creative alienation, until it agrees to an unusual Form: Gone are the days where a wooden table was to look like a table looked in the middle ages. Starck’s fear of Convention and boredom is great. Even the names of his children, he once explained, he randomly using a computer programme; they are called Ara, Oa, Lago, and K.

Its objects are> as an expression of new opulence