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Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin forced the court to have 13 of the accusers refile their complaints with their names connected

Tony Buzbee, the lawyer for the women accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct in almost two dozen separate suits, took issue with the statements the quarterback’s attorney made Friday.

Hardin Friday again denied all the allegations leveled against Watson, and he disclosed it’ll come out that the 25-year-old athlete did participate in”patriotic experiences” with a few.

The women’s attorney made his thoughts understood in a social media article.

“…. He conceded that his customer gets two to three massages per week–which equates to over a 150 massages yearly–out the huge Texans organization that’s coaches and massage therapists, etc,” Buzbee wrote. “Watson hunted these girls outside, according to the admissions of Mr. Hardin, through social networking, particularly Instagram. Most if not all of the different girls Watson reached out to by message. I believe we can all agree that’s somewhat odd.

“But here is my issue: Mr. Hardin, in his press conference, also said that, by his client’s view, some or more of those massage interactions with my customers, both licensed and unlicensed therapists, became sensual because they had been consensual.’ NO.”

“I can tell you from my customers’ views THESE INTERACTIONS weren’t CONSENSUAL. ‘No’ means no.

Hardin won a struggle to get some of those accusers refile their complaints with their names attached. Buzbee stated at one of the hearings earlier Friday that nine of those accusers voluntarily agreed to show themselves.

Watson faces 22 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct. Two women were unmasked this past week. Ashley Solis talked at a news conference about Watson’s alleged actions.