Why France 2 will not air “Tout le monde veut prendre sa place” with Jarry today and tomorrow

The midday game show hosted by Jarry will not be on air this Monday and Tuesday. Here’s why.

Fans of “Tout le monde veut prendre sa place” will have to be patient this week. This Monday, June 10, and Tuesday, June 11, the midday program on France 2 will be replaced. Viewers will have to wait until Wednesday to see the game show hosted by Jarry, even as the current champion, Isabelle, is winning the hearts of the audience. On Friday, she had accumulated seven victories and won 7,500 euros after eliminating Kevin on May 31.

This weekend, in the “teen” version of the show, the champion helped raise 4,400 euros for the charity “Les P’tits Doudous.” At the end of the show, Jarry announced to viewers, “Isabelle, I have some bad news. We will see each other in three days. There won’t be a show for three days because of the European Athletics Championships in Rome, and I absolutely have to go there, yes, they need me,” he joked.

Indeed, on Tuesday, June 11, France 2 will broadcast the European Athletics Championships starting at 11:30 am. This is an important competition where French athlete Kevin Mayer will seek qualification for the Paris Olympic Games in the decathlon events. However, on Monday, a historic event takes precedence over the game. France 2 will broadcast a ceremony honoring the victims of the massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane, in the presence of President Emmanuel Macron. This special edition has been airing since 9:30 am and is presented by Jean-Baptiste Marteau and Nathalie Saint-Cricq.

On June 10, 1944, 80 years ago, 643 civilians in the French village of Haute-Vienne were killed by a Nazi unit of the Waffen SS Das Reich division. On June 6, the show was also replaced as France 2 broadcasted live the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings on the Normandy beaches.