Deportations America is sending migrants back across Mexican border
Deportations America is sending migrants back across Mexican border

The United States wants to start after the Mexican data with the deportation of Central American migrants. On Friday, a first group of 20 Asylum seekers should be brought back into the Mexican border town of Tijuana, said the spokesman of the foreign Ministry, Roberto Velasco, in front of journalists. The have informed the American Embassy to the Ministry. The decision had been made “unilaterally” by the United States. The Mexican government, the measure will not agree with. Mexico to take the people but nevertheless, for humanitarian reasons, said the spokesperson.

at the end of December had reached an agreement, according to the American homeland defence Ministry in both countries to a similar agreement. From the Mexican foreign Ministry said the government had been informed about the operation only. So far had refused to Mexico, non-Mexican migrants.

to speak to Since the announcement in December, there have been three Meetings between representatives from Mexico and Washington to about the process. Accordingly, the United States wanted to bring per day for up to 20 people to Mexico, said Velasco.

Mexico no duration of stay in country

The agreement did not mean that Mexico, the United States would be recognized as a safe third country, – said the foreign Ministry in December. Because that would mean that the migrants would have to apply in Mexico for asylum. Rather, a secure place of refuge should be granted to the people in Mexico, while in the United States, their asylum application will be processed.

the majority of The migrants arriving at the Border come from Central America. They hope to seek asylum in the United States and have fled from the violence and poverty in their home countries. So far, the migrants were housed in a further processing of your application on the American side.