a New match, a new opportunity. Be sure to Laurent Depoitre 30. The point of AA Gent will be screwed just in front of goal against STVV and don’t miss the chance to wish that time tonight with a good performance against Anderlecht and aging.

“yes, Yes, I do have a lot of that is likely thought of it,” says Depoitre. “99 times in a 100 are going to the game, but now it is not. Everyone says that I have to get the ball to the side to Kvilitaia was a given, but it’s easy < / I> (by Daniel Schmidt, ed.) , that passlijn shut down properly. It doesn’t seem so in the pictures, but it was a fact of life. Therefore, I thought it would be better to do your own set of stairs. I’m also in Giorgi explained. It had nothing to do with self-interest, but it seemed to me to be the best option. However, I have had a lot of time, and hesitated for a second too long.”

So there was a lot of criticism after his mistake, they shouldn Depoitre is not. “I’ve got Messi and also the all of the big opportunities missed. Even with an empty goal. Miss, it happens. It doesn’t seem right, but it does happen.” The same sound, for coach Jess Thorup. “We have this stage behind us. Lawrence river, it is mentally very strong and he is ready for the next game.”

for More on Laurent Depoitre Depoitre of fog, incomprehensible and open doelkans that is, AA Gent, the victory had to be able to bring the AA Gent can’t win outdoors after Depoitre don’t miss your chance screwed up with OUR POINTS. A lot of complete, but there are a few players with AA Gent, Laurent Depoitre to do with AA Gent, once again dreaming of the big European nights, “Our team is probably better than the ones in the titeljaar”