soccer ball with the number 17 a proud “lilies”pendant has the Jersey now. Sandro Sirigu of Darmstadt rights defenders, threw it to him after 1:1 against Ingolstadt. It is a special, a sentimental gift, an extraordinary day, because on the last Saturday in the stadium at the Böllenfalltor-moving on (farewell is written)history. The last Time the historic backstretch, populated by a blue-trailers-and-white-wall-color-clad SVD, in operation of this Assembly the relic is torn down from ancient times.

With “humility” stand Sirigu in front of the Darmstadt cult object after the last home game of this year. Before the encounter he was reminded of his “personal Moment” with the specific SVD Institution, after all, she was the last of the bleachers in the top two German divisions. “That was after the goal against Frankfurt. After that, I wanted to start actually along a cheering run the entire grandstand, but my strength is not enough,“ he said. Sirigu fell, therefore, “between the guest and the home on the knee”.

The against just of of the trailer in the Dark with torches after the second League game mood passed, is past. The view goes in the future. The aim of the club is to establish a modern infrastructure for the long term in professional football. The demolition of the against just mean an “indispensable step towards a further milestone on the way to a new stadium,” said University President Rüdiger Fritsch, the language of “a little melancholy”. The separation of the straight, and successes, “with a weeping, melancholy eye, but also with a smile and future-oriented”.

Limited playful medium

Sporty the South of Hesse, the reality need to look in the eye. With your limited in-game resources and only one point from their past four matches, they have troubles operating through the game. Yes, your will is there to make a difference on the way to the opposing goal Positive. Only in the technical implementation of the “lilies” of the 63. Minute due to the Yellow-Red card for the Ingolstadt-based offensive player Thorsten Röcher in the Majority of played, far too often self-inflicted astray. Out came a tough task from the outside. “I think that Darmstadt would have made the game a goal,” said the new Ingolstadt coach Jens Keller brought the flaw to the opposite side to the point.

The substitute SVD-offensive player Marvin Mehlem would have him able to lie, if his shot would not have gone from a promising Position shortly before the end of the Game the goal of upper Bavaria. So the draw was the result of a foul penalty, obviously, was none. The Darmstadt-based left-back Fabian Holland, had brought himself to the case. Darmstadt got a penalty “paid” to the Situation involved in Sonny Kittel. “I have seen neither what, nor felt a thing.” Holland have made in the preseason “this is exactly the same. He must know whether he can, with the Conscience of life“.

Plenty of material for discussion

No scruples Tobias Kempe had, from the penalty spot in the 1:1 in 83. To achieve Minute. Also the quick Ingolstadt hit the lead after two minutes through a transformed foul penalty by Dario Lezcano was plenty of material for discussion in the circle of duelists. When Kittel meeting with the former Eintracht-professional, the Darmstadt goalkeeper Daniel claimed Heuer Fernandes, he has to behave in a rule-compliant. He also called on wrong decision by referee Alexander Sather made a weak day.