Democrats in Washington are feeling the pressure as they watch President Biden struggle to prove his ability to stay in the race. Senator Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut has expressed his concerns, stating that the president needs to step up his game. He emphasized the importance of this week, urging Biden to participate in town halls and unscripted events to address doubts about his candidacy raised by a poor debate performance.

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the need for Biden to reassure the American people that he can run a strong campaign against Donald Trump. Senator Patty Murray of Washington also joined in, stating that the president must do more to show that he is capable of defeating Trump.

Despite these concerns and calls for action, Biden has yet to meet these expectations. However, Democrats on Capitol Hill have chosen to stand behind him for now, despite their private worries and discussions about how to potentially push him aside. While some considered taking drastic measures like sending a strongly worded letter or arranging a high-level intervention, the prevailing strategy among top Democrats is to do nothing at this time.

As the clock ticks, the pressure on Biden to prove himself continues to mount. Democrats are in a difficult position as they grapple with their doubts about the president’s candidacy while also trying to maintain party unity. The coming days will be crucial in determining Biden’s fate and whether he can demonstrate the strength needed to lead the Democratic Party against Trump in the upcoming election.