the minister of the Environment, Zuhal Demir (N-VA) to ” the hallucinatory in Flanders, eight watermaatschappijen the one that counts. They want the price to adjust, and the water is more affordable to make.

That the minister said on Tuesday, in the parliament, after the request of And Rom (sp.(a), John Nationals (light Green), Robert Bothuyne (CD&V), and Marie Vandecasteele (the LABOUR party).

“I will work together with you to determine the waterfactuur over the past few years has increased,” said Demir, in the houses of parliament. “Since 2010, with some 34 per cent for the average household. I find it to be hallucinatory, that we have eight watermaatschappijen in Flanders, each with their own pricing. That is, it is a very complex one, and that is not normal. I even wonder how the families out of it.”

In line with the coalition agreement, it is stated that the waterfactuur affordable and transparent it should be. “We will be in the price structure to adjust,” said Demir on Tuesday. “Among other things, in fairness, to single adults and families with children. But also the affordability of the pivotal character of the parameters are.”

The prime minister also on the required enclosures from the water. “The supply is shutting down because the family will not be able to pay, it is not at this time,” she said. “I just want to pull out all the stops to get to Flanders, where there are no barriers to. If you do it systematically, the bill is not paid, there would still be a minimum level of basic service that should be provided. In addition, we need to focus on finding solutions so that people using credit are able to work.”

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