Actress Demi Moore, on the 15-year-old’s age to get raped for $ 500. It was her mother who held the keys and gave it to a stranger. She writes in her memoir, Inside out , and she said this on Monday, when Diane Sawyer, in an interview on ABC News.

The actress spoke to the most horrible passages of her memoir during an interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC News. As she describes how her mother struggled with a severe alcohol addiction, and how to bring it when it is less than a 15-year-old Moore had to pay the bars and took them. According to Moore, is hoping her mother is on the way to get more attention from men.

After one of the nights was a man with a key to their house, can be obtained. The man came in and raped the 15-year-old Moore mentioned. It turned out that the mother of the Technologies that can give him the key, and that the 500$ was paid for. “How does it feel to be geprostitueerd to be over 500$?”, should the man afterwards asked to have it.

On the question of whether her mother had acted as a pimp, she replied: “Deep down in my heart, I think not. I don’t think that the deal is so obvious what happened, but they did this to make it happen, and me in danger.”

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the Mother and are saved after a desperate act

Moore had a very turbulent childhood. Her biological father started off in the thin air, even before they are born. It was only when she was 13 years old, and her birth certificate is in the hands came, she found out that her stepfather is not her biological father. The relationship between her mother and her step-father was also very smooth. They moved to the town, and their home is a constant mess due to the extremely non-destructive alcoholism. Was her mother up several times in the life of the money. “I remember when I put my fingers to use it, my hands were still very young, when I was a child, in order to take the pills out of her mouth, to be fishing,” she writes. When she was 16-years-old, she broke down with her mom to take her acting career to launch.

the Inside out a best-selling memoir, , up by Demi Moore on the 24th of september.

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