The chamber of crafts in Wiesbaden are your trainees dear: each month, they honor a “apprentice of the month”, the noticed by means of reliability, friendliness and good grades. In this January, the 21-year-old Johanna Roth, aspiring carpenter in Florstadt in the wetteraukreis, you will receive next week a certificate and a wrist watch.

Falk Heunemann

business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung and the business magazine Metropolitan.

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If the Excellent should, however, consider a Carpenter workshop reasons, want to, it will be even more expensive: Because previously you must be a carpenter master, so it is required by law. The next master class, which begins in August in the chamber of crafts in Wiesbaden, 806 hours and would cost 5600 Euro. He, however, only covers part I and II of the examination duties. For part III and IV more 360 hours and the 1980 euros would be due. And then you would have to pass the four-part test. Fees of at least 820 euros will be required. Overall, so that’s a minimum of 8400 euros, they would transfer to the chamber, to go from “apprentice of the month” to the carpenter champion.

There are still young people that are willing so much money for the training. Around 800 were alone in the chamber of crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main. She thanks you for it on Saturday with a deed of surrender in St. Paul’s Church and DFB President Reinhard Grindel as a guest speaker. However, There are too few.

the shortage of skilled workers ensures a slowdown in sales growth for artisans

The craft of the young, to confirm lack of the tips of the Hessian chambers, yesterday, on the occasion of their annual press conference. “The shortage of skilled workers is causing us concern,” says Bernd Ehinger, President of the Hessian craft day. Not least because of this defect he anticipated a slow down in sales growth for the craftsman: After five percent in the year 2018 a total of four percent this year.

reasons for the shortage of Young people there are several. The birth of numbers, for example: Since the nineties, a quarter less children in the state of Hesse to the world than ever before, fewer students are now leaving schools and looking for a training. In addition, more and more graduates want to study that appears to them and to their parents apparently more lucrative.