Typical of Berlin? It would be negligence, and the bill dismissed, with the green economy Senator for a minimum wage of 11,30 euros in the award of public contracts in the capital for duty. Berlin is more heavily in debt, the demand for a particularly generous compensation sets the wrong sign, the Senate had some money to spare. Even worse, well here the nationwide statutory minimum wage bad.

His introduction in 2015, with 8,50 Euro, the companies, favored by the economic wind, although surprisingly well-handled, and even job back, but acceptance is based also on the commitment of a reliable adjustment mechanism. Thereafter, the statutory minimum wage follows the average increase of the tariff wages. The permissible leeway, the Federal government draws up for the new year, there are 9,19 euros.

Uses of Berlin, in fact, his influence as a Client, in the future, almost a quarter more is to enforce a clear message to the economy: The race is on, the minimum wage is exploited against all the promise of a politically.