resim 139
resim 139

Almost 10 years since Delphine Wespiser has been part of the Fort Boyard family. Like several Miss France before her, the Alsatian made her baptism of fire as a candidate in the show, in 2012, on France 2. The following summer, it was in the shoes of a character who had become emblematic that she joined the Fort.

Since 2013, Delphine Wespiser succeeded Louise-Marie Hustings and Raphaëlle Lenoble to play Judge Blanche. Installed on her throne, she welcomes the candidates, prisoners or volunteers, whose mission is to win the missing keys for the team to continue the adventure. Faced with a challenge of skill or agility, he or she must succeed in this challenge at the risk of being returned to prison by the judge in the event of failure.

Two years later, it is another character who makes a remarkable arrival in Fort Boyard: Rouge, the evil twin sister of rouge, also played by Miss France 2012. A role opposite to her temperament, where she confronts her own fighters (the children of the Fort, the Boo family…) to the team of the day. Over the seasons, the two characters have evolved physically thanks to their costume, their power, but above all their primordial place in the Fort Boyard adventure.

In 2019, Delphine Wespiser revealed the astonishing evolution of her two characters in the game for Télé Star. “This year, the mythical Blanche sings and Rouge speaks more to the candidates. These characters are very popular with children. Mums even send me photos of their daughter dressed as Blanche!”. With such popularity, the actress was almost ousted from the program in 2022, because of her position for the presidential election.

Faced with the controversy, the company producing the show ALP had supported the columnist of TPMP. “Delphine Wespiser will be present in the next season”, affirmed the production before the start of filming to our colleagues from TVMag. Popular on screen and on social networks, the young thirty-year-old shares her best photos in costume with her fans when she shoots at the Fort. And you: do you prefer her as a White judge or a Red warrior? You be the judge in pictures!