The trade unions involved in the bewakingssector threatened by actions taken at the airport, where the COLLECTIVE bargaining agreement in the next few days it doesn’t pay off. Tuesday, they the action took place at the NATO headquarters in Evere, and will probably lead to long queues at the airport.

Negotiations over pay and working conditions of employees in the sector, from security guards to sit in the cold. In order to meet their requirements in force in, that is Tuesday, the unions argued, to the headquarters of the NATO in Evere.

Vakbondssecretaris He Maertens, from the trade unions, is counting on Tuesday to the 500 participants of the action. More security guards, who normally operate at the airport are expected to participate.

Long delays

Brussels Airport was confirmed. The luchthavenuitbater is expected that Tuesday will be less security guards will show up, which is normally responsible for the inspection of baggage and hand baggage. “We expect to see less and less staff, and lower rows are for the control of the load. It could be during the peak hours in the morning, leading to long queues,” said a spokeswoman for the Brussels Airport.

The airport is calling for passengers to make it on time to the airport, especially in the context of two-hours in advance for flights within the schengen zone, three hours ahead of time, to countries outside of the schengen area.

the trade Unions and management will meet on Wednesday again. If nothing returns, are likely to be elsewhere, the actions to be carried out. “It is in line with the expectation that it might well be at the airport for me. The risk is not non-existent”, warns the trade unions, secretary. Next week it will begin in the autumn, which is traditionally a very busy period at the airport.
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