Defective Government, Aircraft: Breakdown Service


The Problem is recognized, the Federal government has promised to remedy the situation. And not every breakdown of the aircraft, the flight readiness is so serious and so embarrassing as the Defect of the Airbus “Konrad Adenauer”, which should bring the Chancellor in December to the G-20 summit, according to the Buenos Aires had, and in Cologne, in fact, an emergency landing had to.

The experiences of German development Minister Müller with a government plane on his trip to Africa are curious, but not really funny. He, too, had to return with a “line” to Germany as Minister of Finance Scholz in October from Indonesia. At the time, cable had been found in the “Adenauer” the interest of rodents.

As I said, the Federal government wants to enlarge the fleet and to modernise, and glitches there are in the civilian flight operations. But the Metropolitan is embarrassing, and a country like Germany, is unworthy. The reputation of the “Made in Germany” have suffered in Africa significantly, Müller stated plaintively. Elsewhere that is so. So what can you call Germany’s “Soft power” has become, again, a piece of smaller.